My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio!

Here, you’ll find some examples from past projects I’ve completed here.

Board Covers

Board covers can help your Pinterest boards to look clean and cohesive and represent your brand.

Below are examples of custom board covers featuring board titles. However, because Pinterest sometimes changes the dimensions of board covers, some users prefer to use stock photos or pin images as their board covers.

Pin Graphics

Having custom pins that match your brand is so important because you want your brand to be recognized by people who are scrolling through Pinterest.

Here are some examples of pin graphics I can create.


Hiring a Pinterest Strategist can provide you with slow and steady traffic growth over time. You may also see a nice spike in traffic when you jumpstart Pinterest, as well as when you have a pin go viral.

It’s important to keep in mind that progress depends on various factors, including where you started, the quality and quantity of content you produce, website speed, sales copy, etc.

Here are some ways I have seen growth…

I helped clients with new accounts reach over 100K average monthly viewers in 2 months!

101K Average Monthly Viewers – 2 months after beginning Pinterest Management Services

I have helped experienced clients grow their average monthly viewers as well…

From 167.6K to over 3 million in 9 months!

And from 5.5 million to over 10 million in 3 months!

I have helped numerous clients’ pins rank #1 in the Pinterest search engine. Here is an example of my own blog post (The 13 Best Tips to Save Time on Pinterest Marketing) ranking #1 in the Pinterest search engine for specific keywords!

And here are some examples of clients ranking #1 under the People tab for their niche keywords.

Clicks over to your website are what really matter! And I helped a client achieve 1000% growth in link clicks back to their website in 2 months! I have also helped clients grow link clicks by over 4,000%.

Here’s an example of website click growth over a 90-day period for an experienced account:

36% increase in website clicks during the last month


As you can see from this image, I maintained a 5-star rating providing Pinterest services on Fiverr as I worked to gain more and more experience with providing Pinterest services in 2017 and 2018.

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