Trying to keep your Pinterest marketing game up but feel like you’re running out of others’ pins to schedule?  In order to follow best practice Pinterest marketing tips, you need to pin others’ high-quality content along with your own. But continuously finding high-quality pins can become a challenge.

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Pinterest Marketing Tips: Why You Need to Pin Content from Others 

Perhaps you already have a good amount of your own content scheduled.  But you likely don’t have enough content to pin only your own content to all of your boards. So you’ll want to keep your target audience engaged with your profile and boards by pinning some high-quality content from others. Plus, you want to avoid being spammy; although, it’s now more acceptable to pin more of your own content. In fact, you want to eventually have enough content to pin a higher ratio of your content compared to others.

The Challenge of Finding High-Quality Pins from Others 

Sometimes it can feel like you’ve hit a wall and don’t know where else to get content that you haven’t already pinned before.  This is especially true if you’re an experienced Pinterest user who has been pinning for quite a while.

If you’re going straight to the Pinterest search bar to find others’ pins, you’ll probably have success finding new pins the FIRST time you search for those keywords.  However, the search bar results are based on rankings that don’t tend to change that quickly. So you’ll likely see most of the same pins when you search that keyword a few weeks or even months later.

But here are some other places you can grab pins to schedule to help you save time on Pinterest.  (P.S. If you want to save even more time on Pinterest marketing for your business, consider hiring a Pinterest Manager. You can grab my guide to hiring a Pinterest Manager here…)

My Pinterest Marketing Tips on How to Find More of Others’ Content to Pin

  1. Pin from your Pinterest home feed. 

Even though this is the way your every day Pinterest user finds pins, you don’t want to overlook this method. However, if you’re following people who pin content that’s unrelated to your niche, you’ll waste a lot of time scrolling to find relevant content that your target audience will love.

  1. Pin from your “Following” tab.

Similar to what I mentioned above, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following people who are directly related to your niche so that only relevant content appears under this tab.

  1. Narrow down your search.

When you search keywords in the Pinterest search bar, you’ll see related keywords show up across the top of the screen. You may be able to find new pins by clicking on any relevant keywords.

  1. Click on “More Ideas” within your personal boards.

Inside each of your boards, you’ll see a “More Ideas” button to click on.  This will show you pins that might be a good fit for that particular board.

  1. Search hashtags.

Searching via the use of hashtags, such as “#farmhousedecor,” will bring up pins that contain that hashtag in chronological order, as opposed to a ranking. So these results may change more frequently, depending on the niche and hashtag, often showing you different pins each time you search for that hashtag.

  1. Pin from your group boards, especially the most niched-down ones.

Your fellow group board members will appreciate, or in some cases, require you to pin from the group boards you belong to. And if you’ve joined group boards strategically, then these boards should contain plenty of content related to your niche that you could easily pin to your boards. 

  1. Pin directly from Pinterest profiles in your niche. 

If you go directly to high-quality Pinterest profiles of those who are in the similar niches, you can find a lot of great content. However, you’ll want to keep a couple things in mind when doing so.  First, you don’t want to overdo this and have your profile look like theirs or oversell your competition. Second, you’ll want to use a scheduler like Tailwind so that you can shuffle these pins. This will help you to avoid them all being pinned back-to-back or at the same time. Be sure to mix these pins with lots of other content, including your own and others’.

  1. Search through similar boards in Pinterest for different content.

Rather than just using the Pinterest search bar to search “pins,” you can also search for boards. Simply use the drop-down menu to the right of the Pinterest search bar to select the “boards” option. You can then go through similar boards to find more relevant content. Just be sure not to appear as though you are copying someone’s board.

  1. Join Tailwind Tribes.

Thus far, the tips I’ve given you have been ways to find more content within Pinterest. But let’s move on to Tailwind.  If you don’t already know, Tailwind is the most popular (and perhaps the best!) pin scheduler, as it’s a Pinterest partner.  While you have to pay for Tailwind, Tailwind Tribes is free. (You can get a free Tailwind trial through my referral link here). Joining Tailwind Tribes helps you share your content with others. Plus, you can find content to share by scrolling through each Tribe’s pins.  Just be sure to join Tribes that are relevant to your niche.

  1. Use the search bar in Tailwind Tribes to pin by topic.

Some Tribes may contain a lot of different content, and scrolling through all of that content could be tiresome.  But at the top of each Tribe’s feed, there’s a search bar that’s great for narrowing down the content.  For instance, in a Tribe that’s all about kids, you might narrow your results to “crafts” to find kids’ crafts. Bonus tip: another way to find high-quality content in Tailwind Tribes is to click on the “Weekly Highlights” tab at the top of the Tribe feed.

A Few More Pinterest Marketing Tips on Pinning High-Quality Content

I should note that high-quality content means the pins are tall and vertical. Pins should at least not be shorter than a square. Images should be high-quality, and titles should be captivating and relevant to the content and often use Pinterest keywords.  You can find more basic Pinterest marketing tips like these here.

Can you think of any other places to find content from others? Let me know in the comments!

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