How to Create Beautiful Rose Gold Foil Pinterest Images in Canva

I’m not a Photoshop expert.  But what’s great is that you can create beautiful Pinterest images for free using the graphic design website, Canva.  When I wanted to create some beautiful pins for Created to Impress featuring rose gold foil font via Canva, I searched Pinterest, of course, looking for tutorials.  But I couldn’t find anything to show me how to do that!

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Can You Create Rose Gold Foil Font in Canva?

Sort of…. But not really.  I will show you one way to create a chunky, bold rose gold font.  But it turns out… You cannot create rose gold foil font (or gold foil or any other texture font) in Canva. So although Canva is great, the major thing that Canva is missing is the ability to create rose gold foil font in any font you desire.  And when rose gold foil is one of your brand colors, that could be a problem.

But here’s how I manage to work rose gold textures into my Pinterest graphics using Canva, despite not being able to create rose gold foil text. (P.S. If you want to learn some basics about using Pinterest marketing before delving into pin image creation, check out my Beginner’s Guide to Using Pinterest for Business.) 

How to Use Rose Gold Foil in Canva

First, you need a rose gold metallic texture (or copper texture if you prefer) in the form of a png or jpeg file. So find a rose gold foil texture pack or swatch.  

Note: Do NOT just download a swatch through Google images or any other search engine.  Make sure you have legal rights to use the swatch. You can purchase rose gold textures through Etsy or Creative Market (affiliate link).

Once you have created a design in Canva, click “Uploads” on the left-hand tab and then upload your rose gold foil texture.

Now, you’re ready to begin experimenting with these great ways to squeeze rose gold foil into your Pinterest images, even if you can’t create pretty rose gold text.

10 Alternatives to Creating Rose Gold Foil Font in Canva

1. Create bold, chunky rose gold font.

This is the only way to create rose gold font in Canva as of right now.  This method involves creating bold, chunky rose gold letters. 

In order to do so, type the letter you need into the search bar under the graphic elements tab.  You could also type in “letter,” followed by the alphabet letter you need. You will see letters with a landscape illustration inside of them come up. (Any elements with the landscape illustration in Canva means that they can be filled in with an image or texture).

Next, place the letter where you’d like on your canvas.  Then, drag your rose gold foil swatch onto the letter, and it will fill in the letter with the rose gold texture.  

Creating rose gold foil font in Canva pin image

When you’re finished, your graphic will look something like this…

How to Create Rose Gold Foil Pinterest Images in Canva without using Photoshop pin image

2. Create rose gold foil numbers.

You can also accomplish option #1 using numbers as shown below.  Simply search for the number you need instead of a letter. (Note that I used the letter “i” instead of a 1 because I prefer the look of it.)

Creating rose gold foil numbers in Canva pin image

3. Add rose gold shapes to your Pinterest images.

Are you using a number on your Pinterest image or social media graphic?  If you don’t like the look of the number option discussed above, you can use a rose gold shape to place your number on top of instead.  This allows you to use any font style you want for your number.

Simply search for “image circle” (or square, triangle, etc.).  Drag and drop the circle with the landscape illustration onto your canvas, and then drag your rose gold texture over it until it fills in the shape.  You can then add a text box on top of the shape, type in your number, and customize the font style.

You can also use shapes or elements in other ways via Canva.  For instance, you could add a rose gold circle with a text overlay that has a call to action on it. I also like to use rectangles to create a bar across the top and/or bottom of my image where I place the website or URL.

4. Frame your text in rose gold.

Another way to use the elements in Canva is to create rectangles or frames to go under or around your text.  Here, I created a rose gold rectangle and changed the transparency…

There may be a better way that I’m not yet familiar with for adding a frame, but here’s how I do it.  I simply add a white rectangle on top of a rose gold background. (I show you how to make a rose gold foil background in #6 below).

If you’d like, you can even place an image under the rectangle, and then make the rectangle slightly transparent via the transparency icon in the top right corner of the screen.  You can then place your text overlay on top of the white rectangle.

5. Add a rose gold button with a call to action.

If you search under the graphic elements in Canva, you can find customizable rectangles or rounded rectangles to use as buttons.  Once you find one and fill it in with your rose gold metallic texture, you can add a text overlay on top.

6. Create a rose gold foil background.

In order to attain a rose gold background, you need to use a rectangle image grid (located under “Grids”).  Drag and drop it on your canvas, stretch it to fit the entire canvas space, and then position it toward the back once you’ve filled it with your rose gold foil texture.

7.  Highlight your font with rose gold foil blocks.

I love doing this with my Pinterest images!  You can add rose gold foil blocks to your images and place them behind your font.  Simply add a square grid under “Grids” or an image rectangle under the graphic elements tab, fill it in with your rose gold foil texture, and then place your text overlay on top.

8. Add a gradient over your rose gold background.

Although you can’t make a rose gold gradient within Canva, you can get a similar effect by creating a rose gold background and then placing a white (or another color) gradient on top.  This will give the appearance of a rose gold gradient.

First, drag and drop your rose gold foil texture onto an image grid that fits the size of the Pinterest image…

Then, either upload a gradient or choose a gradient from the options within Canva.  The example below uses the square purple gradient that comes up when you search for “gradient” under the graphic elements tab.  You can then rotate the gradient to your liking and change the color of it. I changed mine to white.

Finally, stretch the gradient over the full image and position your text overlays on top…

9. Use the brushstroke feature behind your text.

Brushstrokes can be used as beautiful accents on your Pinterest graphics.  

In order to create a rose gold texture brushstroke in Canva, simply search for “brushstroke” under the Graphics tab in Canva and scroll down to the customizable brushstrokes that allow for an image or texture to be inserted into them.  

Once you add a brushstroke to your image, drag and drop your rose foil texture onto the brushstroke to fill it in.  Then, add a text overlay.

10. Use stock images that contain rose gold features.

If you don’t like any of the options above, you can forego the rose gold texture and simply use stock photos containing rose gold features.

Be sure to use legal stock images.  Although some of the images I’ve used for this post are free stock photos (I love Ivory Mix’s free stock photos!), it’s best to use paid stock images.  You can find beautiful paid images from Ivory Mix and Haute Stock.  If a paid membership is over your budget, Creative Market has some pretty, cheaper options as well (affiliate links).

Other Options for Using Rose Gold Foil in Canva

Although this is not a free option, another alternative to using rose gold font in Canva is to search for “rose gold” under the graphics elements offered in Canva.  You might find a frame or accent you like in doing so.

You could also create rose gold font in another program, such as Photoshop, and upload it to Canva.  However, if you’re pretty Photoshop-savvy, you might just want to create your Pinterest images in Photoshop anyway.

Overall, despite Canva currently not offering the feature of being able to add textured fonts of your choice to your images, you can still utilize a rose gold metallic texture without using Photoshop.  Canva is still a great, affordable tool for creating beautiful graphics in little time and promoting your business on Pinterest and other social media sites.

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And by the way, if you don’t feel like messing around with creating Pinterest graphics (because let’s face it, that can be very time consuming), I offer Pinterest graphics creation as one of my Pinterest services.  Book a free discovery call here to learn more!

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